Alexia Grammenidou

Born 1996 in Patras, Greece. Lives and works in Iceland.


She was born in Parta, Southern Greece, in 1996. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and School of Visual and Applied Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in 2022.

In recent years she has been learning the art of yoga beside her Teacher Naya Karnava,
through the system of Yoga Science that she also teaches.
As she herself states, through the Teaching of Yoga Science, she learns the virtues of an
inspired life, filled with passion and Love. She came to understand that art, like yoga,
is undivided from life itself. “Yoga and art co-exist and feed each other in order for the
Spirit to take material form – that being inside everyone, which is vast and limitless”.

After an artistic pause of three years, while practicing yoga with the guidance of her
Teacher, she meets art again. She now perceives the process of creation differently,
through clear observation and devotion to the present moment. Her artistic search led her
to study the depiction of a rock. Through its construction she explores limitations, depth,
variety, motion, pulse, color.

In her artistic expression she focuses, among other things, on portraits using as her basic
materials oil and pencil. She is interested in depicting the Beauty of the human. As she
explains “Beauty is the Creation Itself that an individual Soul bears. It exists inside the depicted
person and expresses itself through a glance, a color or the very presence of the figure”.

In the exhibition she becomes a carrier and uses portraits to express the Vastness of Being. She is
drawn by and focuses on the tranquility of posture and gaze. Through their rawness she exposes the
simplicity of Being.

Her work calls you to pause, open your senses and come to the Present moment of Creation.

selected works

Alexia Grammenidou

Sky, 2023

oil on canvas
40 x 50 cm



Alexia Grammenidou

Sky, 2023

oil on canvas
240 x 180 cm

Alexia Grammenidou

Rock, 2021
oil on canvas
240 x 180 cm

Alexia Grammenidou

Rock, 2021
carcoal & oil on canvas 
240 x 180 cm

In painting I search for the source of phenomena, the
essence that makes what I see to be what it Is. The Logos inside existence. Not as a response to the question “why existence?” but as a statement of existence. In its depiction, it is the expression of the essence, the way I perceive it.

Exhibitions Works


2012- 2018 Integrated Master in Fine Arts, School of Visual and Applied Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki GR

2022 ‘You are the eyes through which Creation knows it self ’
at European Cultural Center of Delphi, Greece
2019 “ ART AND YOGA, Relations of Light and Color “,
studio Gnothis s’auton, Thessaloniki, Greece
2019 “216th Concealment”, in the context of a workshop with the artist Dimitris Alithinos, Thessaloniki, Greece
2016 ‘‘ Parasites, Noisy Interferences’’
Workshop/ Installation – Kalos&Klio Showroom, Thessaloniki, Greece

2017 “microcosmos”, within the Erasmus project, Thessaloniki,
Department of Visual & Applied Arts of A.P.Th.
2016 ‘‘The ghost’’, the tragic mirror of the image
Nikos Evagelopoulos, Thessaloniki, Greece
2017 ‘‘58+26’’, Yeni Mosque, Thessaloniki, Greece

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